Server Gated Cryptography (SGC)

Step Up Encryption

Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enables 128 or 256 Bit SSL encryption (depending on the browser, operating system and host server). The most powerful SSL encryption commercially available.

Server Gated Cryptography Information

Step Up To 128 Bit Encryption In Older Browsers

When an SSL handshake occurs between a client and server, a level of encryption is determined by the browser, the client computer operating system, and the SSL Certificate.

High level encryption at 128 Bit is over a trillion times a trillion stronger than 40 Bit encryption. A hacker with the time, tools, and motivation to crack 40 Bit encryption would require a trillion years to break into a session protected by an SGC enabled SSL Certificate.

When Browsers Fail To Step Up To Strong Encryption

Even though an SSL Certificate is capable of 128 Bit or 256 Bit encryption, millions still use older computer systems that are incapable of strong encryption.

The following legacy browsers and operating systems fail to step up to strong encryption without an SGC enabled SSL Certificate :

  • Certain Internet Explorer browser versions from 4.01 to 5.01
  • Certain Netscape browser versions from 4.07 to 4.72
  • Many Windows 2000 systems using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser versions prior to 3.02 and Netscape browser versions prior to 4.02 are not capable of 128 Bit encryption with any SSL Certificate.

Protect Customers With The Strongest Possible Encryption

Because website visitors cannot easily determine the encryption strength of a given session, they depend on the site owner to protect them. True 128 Bit SSL Certificates enable every site visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available to them.

Comodo® is the leading SSL provider of SGC enabled SSL Certificates, enabling 128 or 256 Bit encryption to over 99.9% of website visitors.

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